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What are you supposed to feel when you hand in your computer, pass and keys?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

In my case it was a mixture of excitement and sorrow. I love my job, enjoy the company of my colleagues and like the place I work. Although I couldn't manage to strike a deal for a Sabbatical year I would be happy to work there again.

So today is a day of conflicting emotions. Sad to say "Goodbye" and excited to look to the future. Everyone was very kind in wishing me well and a few had the "lucky bugger", and "I wish I could do that" kind of comments. And they are right - I am lucky and I recognise it.

Some people don't 'get it' and even when I explain a little more about the arthritis and how it will restrict options in the future still don't have any desire or interest in making the same kind of decision that I have made. It is definitely true about different strokes for different folks!

I also feel like the new journey starts now. The last official threads have been tied off.

I face the future with excitement and a feeling that I have made more friends and have somewhere to return to if circumstances allow and it is desirable for them and for me.

Tomorrow is not the start of the year but it is the start of my great adventure. Bring it on!

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