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What a difference 3 weeks makes…

Reduced bureaucracy, costs and time.

Three week ago I travelled to France via Switzerland and detailed the steps needed to be gone through to safely navigate the journey.

Today I repeated the journey but with reduced hassles and costs. Although I had bought an Antigen test I was no longer obliged to use it as of Saturday. I will not need to book a Day 2 test for my return and although I did my Swiss Passenger Locator form and French declaration of honour neither were asked for in Switzerland or France.

Travel genuinely feels like it is getting easier… Masks are still compulsory on flights, airports and in France generally but that feels safe and is an acceptable element to enjoy the other freedoms.

I don’t usually do ‘shout-outs’ but I will today as good customer service is what I pay for and poor service frustrates me hugely.

Thanks to Easyjet for another smooth, hassle-free and on-time flight.

Thanks to Ski-lifts and Getaway Vans driver Phil for a great transfer up the mountain.

Sadly another poor experience at Birmingham airport security. I do wonder why have 10 or 12 scanning areas and only 3 open (again). Repeatedly calling forward passengers from the queue from different flights because they are going to miss them should be a sign you are getting it very wrong! God help us when the volume of paying customers rises again

If you are on holiday this week and are travelling I hope that you have smooth journeys and a great time.

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