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Time together is precious.

Whether skiing, walking, eating together or just a chat on the phone, time with my kids is very important to me.

Of course they aren’t really ‘kids’ as they are in their twenties and leading their own lives. I am incredibly proud of them both and love them to bits.

This one was married last year and I have ‘given her away’ (how archaic is that!) to another man. She is no longer a ‘Gerighty‘ and is now a ‘Taylor’!

Accepting this as I do with real pleasure,(as her hubbie is a lovely man), she is still and always will be my daughter.

Spending time together today even when the weather was too poor to go ski-ing was still a real treat. We have talked, laughed, cooked, eaten and even been swimming.

Children really are a blessing and I am happier than most!

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