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The last day and last paddle on the Adriatic Sea.

A week has some how come and gone and tomorrow we head home. That still leaves room for one more great day on and in the water.

I really enjoyed the last paddle even though I had wanted to circumnavigate the two islands off shore of Cavtat town. I made a good effort in terms of the distance but the swell grew to almost a metre and the direction was broadside to the kayak. Even by three-quartering it was too much to be comfortable with and especially on my own. I turned around and went around the headlands and into the shelter of the bays.

The contrast is quite remarkable and as you can see from the pictures in The shelter the water is really calm and beautiful.

I have had a wonderful holiday here and achieved more than I thought that I would with a new boat and limited experience on the sea. I can see why it is such a renowned destination and I am encouraged to return. Perhaps further north next time on Split or Pula and the islands that also supply shelter and calm seas there.

Travelling with the kayak was no hassle and for an inflatable boat this kayak really is very good.

Homeward bound tomorrow!

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