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The L.O.N.G one!

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of 3 week holidays throughout my working life but never longer. I am about to embark on my longest ever trip… and I have a few nerves about it!

I have introduced you to Heidi before, but in case you missed that blog here she is…

She is 21 years young, freshly serviced and with a new MOT. She is also my home for the next FOUR weeks as we travel together through Europe!

I have an important appointment in 2 weeks time to collect Lynn from an Italian airport when we will spend a week together and then I will be driving Heidi back home in the final week.

I hope to do some sightseeing, some cycling and some kayaking on the way.

Where are we stopping? Great question - I have a loose plan but absolutely no camp sites booked: so the world is my lobster!

It is very exciting and a little nerve wracking. No co-pilot, no sharing partner; just me, myself and I for most of the time.

I am booked on the 2pm sailing from Dover later today so let’s see where I get too…

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