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The final day of the group ‘Bubbles Tour’.

Back into the vine yards and over the ‘Mountain’.

The area between Reims and Epernay is known as the Mountain and although it is really very high it is prominent in the local topography. It provided us with a sharp climb immediately after lunch and rewarded us with a long and fast descent a few miles further on.

A great suggestion from Mr M led us to stop at a smaller Grand Cru producer where thanks to Mr Stevens back up vehicle we were able to purchase a few cases to share amongst the group. I haven’t tried mine yet but am looking forward to doing so.

The gala dinner was a little different this year as we had misjudged the cuisine of the chosen restaurant. It was filling and tasty but hardly haut cuisine de France.

It was amusing to see the ’large’ hotdog come out and actually be two of the same thing. Stevo gave it his best shot but it still defeated him!

It was a great trip and thanks to all who contributed to make it happen. Especially the drivers, the treasurer Mr Moxon and GP for always being there for any issues; Doc for his calm and unobtrusive monitoring and Al for navigation and after dinner speech.

Most of all thanks to everyone in the group for coming along and making another L2P14 tour and great pleasure and success.

I look forward to next year already!

Here is the final tour picture:

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