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(Short) Ski Sunday.

It’s been a while since these bad boys have seen any snow but we all enjoyed getting reacquainted today.

They are old and well used but not for some time and it took a bit of getting used to them again. I think I must have been fitter (or at least less fatter!) when I last used them as they burnt up my thighs something rotten. I covered a lot less distance and felt like I worked a whole lot harder.

As you can see I had to have a sit down in the sun with a restorative drink!

Thanks to the best medicine available (provided by the Mont Blanc brewery) I was eventually revived and made it safely home.

It will be long ski’s again next time as I fully expect fresh POWDER! The clouds are gathering and snow is forecast tomorrow and later in the week. Just in time for my mates arriving on Tuesday. Exciting…

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