Research success!

If you can't go to France to ski as I had planned where else can you go?

The answer with regard to regulations is almost anywhere else in Europe.

I spent yesterday afternoon looking through the options to go somewhere else at short notice. The criteria was pretty straightforward. A relatively local airport and somewhere I haven't been before (After all if you have read last weekend's blog you will know that I am now an official Explorer!). This is surely the advantage of a Gap Year - changing direction at short notice and revelling in the freedom that allows you too.

There weren't many options but I have picked one and it is all booked!

Stay tuned to find out when and where.

I also had a good reminder of why I am taking the Gap year today as I met with the specialist Nurse that helps with the management of my Ankylosing Spondylitis/Arthritis. Regular blood tests are a feature of the treatment and monitors the efficacy of the drugs that I take. In tandem with this I take a regular measure of movement ability and associated pain known as the BASI score. The results are usually worse in the winter time than in the summer, and like many with Arthritis, my symptoms are worse when it is cold, wet or the pressure levels are low. I don't know which is the cause in particular or if it is a combination of them but it makes a meaningful difference. Today showed what was suspected and that things are not getting any better. Some winter sun beckons!

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