Rally school!

Another great adventure courtesy of birthday and Christmas presents from family. Thanks all!

First up was a front wheel drive Fiesta which was great fun to throw around and relatively easy to do so. Under some clear guidance from the Instructor, confidence and speed increased lap by lap.

Certainly it was not the handful that the second proved to be! A rear wheel drive Suburu Impreza with lots of power. I found it to be twitchy and spun it twice. No doubt I was trying too hard and showing my lack of finesse and skill.

I was buzzing at the end of it and really enjoyed the experience as you can see!

It was finished off with a fast lap in a BMW M3 driven by an expert. The acceleration was impressive but the braking was even more so. It was all too much for Lynn who asked to be dropped off before the driver really cut loose! Thanks to all who contributed to make it happen.

Everyman Racing at Prestwold Hall comes highly recommended!

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