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Proclaim the "Good News" - Skiing in France is back on!

Having moved my flights back twice I can now be confident that this years main objective can go ahead. My Ski-season in France is back on the agenda after the French government announcements yesterday. My flight now leaves on the 25th January so there is time to repack and re-orientate before setting off to the airport again. It will be surreal to go from the 21 degrees here in Fuerteventura to the 3 degrees of Morzine but it is very exciting at the same time.

Today is our last day on the Island and as mentioned previously we had planned to go to La Isla Lobos just off the main Island. Sadly, the boat trip was cancelled due to rough seas and apparently a storm is expected over the weekend. So, that is twice we have been thwarted from leaving Fuerteventura this week - I hope that there are no issues with flying off tomorrow!

We have completed our UK return forms, have booked in on-line and our Covid tests have been despatched ready for our return. Our fingers are now crossed that all goes smoothly over the next 36 hours.

We have had a lovely time week, been very relaxed, and appreciated the warm weather. It has certainly freed my body up and I feel much more flexible than when I left England. If I bend and stretch I can now almost touch my shins!

We have enjoyed a lovely adventure on an interesting island. I would return to the Canary Islands and do a "winter sun" holiday again. My first time will not be my last time.

Viviendo la buena vida! Hasta la vista amigos.

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