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Pastures New!

Although I have been skiing since my early 30’s, I have done all my skiing in Le Portes de Soleil which encompasses resorts in France and Switzerland.

So, it is exciting to have woken up in the 3 Valleys resort of Meribel and hit some new slopes for the first time. In truth I was tentative and wondered if the runs elsewhere were all harder than the ones I am used to. Obviously this isn’t the case but it has been great to check it out.

We have enjoyed a great day in the sunshine with blue skies.

I have really enjoyed skiing in a group and we have been very ably led by the lovely Holly. Thank you.

We have skied part of Meribel and also been across to one of the other valleys.

Massive runs in open country and playing in the top of the mountains.

Different and spectacular.

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