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One year Anniversary

One year ago today my Dad passed away unexpectedly.

I don’t know if it is just me but bereavements always seem like yesterday and a long time ago at the same time. I guess it is because the emotional loss is felt so keenly at the time that the feelings stay with you always and yet the world moves on and you move with it, so everything is genuinely different.

That is how it feels today. Some time spent in quiet reflection remembering the Man and the good times. No desire to mope or make it a ‘heavy’ day. The memories and feelings come without prompting all through the year and sometimes at the most unexpected times and the most predictable. I have been thinking of him most Saturday afternoons recently because it is 6 Nations rugby and that is something we enjoyed together on TV and live in the ground. We have had some great family times centred around these games.

So as always Dad, I’ve been thinking of you with the rugby, a pint, happy memories and an empty feeling at half-times. A good man and deeply missed.

I know from my own experience that we all deal with bereavement in our own way. It is a cliche, but I think true to say that there is no one right way and that they are all the right way. However you deal with yours, I wish you peace and offer my prayers.

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