Offline copy: Tell me why I don’t like Mondays!

For those of us of a certain generation this song title hit a chord with all the Monday mornings when we went to work but wished we didn't have to. I hadn't given any time to think about what a non-working Monday might look like but today was a decent template!

I got up just before 9; the sun was shining and there was already heat in the air; breakfast was fresh brewed coffee with croissants and marmalade; the bike route was planned.

The route was great 👍 and the scenery was varied and stunning as you can see -

Great towns with plenty of Schloss's and pretty buildings in the morning.

Lunch was a. Sandwich a MASSIVE piece of cakey confectionery and some great chat with two old boy cyclists. They were 68 and 76 years old, said they rode 100 km every day and had done since they were 15. They had been 'Elite' grade amateurs in their youth and had even once raced against Mercx. Real characters and great company for 1/2 an hour. Neither fancied a go on my bike though with one suggesting I forego an electric battery and go straight for a Triumph engine! Cheeky bugger! 🤣

After lunch I cycled along the Rhine for a while and saw two of the huge river cruise ships docked up.

When back at the campsite I went across the road to the municipal outdoor pool for a swim. Can you believe my campsite fee includes a local tax ? Well yeah - obviously so does every where you stay - but here it entitles you to use the pool and all local buses, trams and trains for free! I can even go to Basel on the train in Switzerland! How enlightened is that?

And only €876549.00 euros a night!

(No not really - less than €25!)

For those who are interested here is my ride

I hope that you enjoyed your Monday too.

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