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O.M.G! - That's OMICRON, MACRON and plans GONE!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

So today is the start of my great adventure. I wrote that in yesterday's blog.

Well - "what a difference a day makes - Just 24 little hours" as the song lyric goes. In this case more like only 10 hours and I have just woken to hear that Macron is banning UK visitors to France from Saturday morning due to the great increase in omnicron variant cases of COVID 19 in Britain.

My plans are now scuppered. I am in the merde!

Perhaps it is time to share the first part of the "great adventure" with you.

On January 10th I have flights and transfers booked to accommodation in Morzine in the French Alps. I am not a great skier and haven't been for two years due to the Covid restrictions, but I am an enthusiastic one and had promised myself a ski-season at some point for the last 15 years. Adopting my new adage of "Do it now before I can't" this is the primary driver of the 'BIG decision' and all that has followed from it. I have plans to spend several blocks of time in an apartment in Morzine from January until the end of the season in April. I have my wife coming out on several visits and a number of friends also booked in to keep me company.

All these plans are now in jeopardy!

What is to be done? Nothing!

I am double-jabbed and boosted so nothing extra to be done there.

I can't change the situation so nothing practical to work on.

I can rant and rail, sob and weep, gnash teeth and pull at my thinning receding hair. Not going to change anything or make me feel better.

I can ask for my job back! It is certainly too soon to give in.

I can wait and see what changes in the next few weeks and if necessary start to think about a Plan B. That seems to be the best and only sensible thing to do.

"Oh what a difference a day makes - 24 little hours!"

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