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Not quite Dave Rydings!

Congratulations to Dave Rydings who last week became the first British mens skier to win a gold medal. He did it in the giant slalom (You know the one - where they have to turn as well as go really fast!) in Kitsbuhl, Austria and he is now a favourite for the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Good luck to Dave and all the rest of Team GB.

Dave thought his moment had passed him by as he is now a very ancient 35 years old.

I wish I was!

I am not a speed king so was surprised to see that this morning I had clocked 61kph today (evidenced by Garmin below) and wondered how fast Dave had gone. He doesn’t need to worry about me and the British Olympic Committee will not be asking for my number. 61kph is a tad under 40 mph and Olympic skiers sometimes do 80mph and a little more.

So I’m nearly half as good as an Olympian…I’ll take that as I have no intention of pushing my luck. Perhaps that’s not too shabby for an old fart!

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