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New Year Resolutions - Taking stock and trying to make life better.

Do you make New Year Resolutions? If so do you stick to them? If not what stops you?

If you don't do them - why not?

I have done them for many years. Some resolutions I have managed successfully and others are so unsuccessful that they are repeated almost every year!

Some aspirations just don't change but they are still at the top of my list like;

"Be a good husband"

"Be a supportive Dad"

"Stay solvent!"

I know that these are obvious but if I am actually going to go to the trouble of writing down that I want to learn some new songs on the guitar then it seems to be an important part of the hierarchy! I also break down my resolutions by area like "Family", "Travel" and "Learning|" - I told you I was a planner!

Anyway, resolutions remind me of what I thought was important at the start of the year and they help me stay on track or target what else needs to be done. After all they can be amended or missed if priorities change. They are a way of holding myself to account in a gentle rather than a brutal way.

As this year is about a changing my life by allowing time for a series of adventures, planning and prioritising seems to be more important than ever. (Or is that a convenient excuse to indulge myself?) I have no longer got 6 weeks of holidays to cram in all my travel aspirations and a Monday to Friday routine to keep me grounded and structured the rest of the year.

Finance, Covid-restrictions and the limits of my wife's patience are my constraining factors. I have the gift of TIME and it feels like I need to treat it with real respect.

I am thinking hard and making some tough choices for the year ahead. I have already declared that I am a planner in a previous post so my wall-planner already shows lots of clear intentions with regard to what I would like to do and when but thinking of new year resolutions will help me consider some of the "how" to go with the "what".

If you have any thoughts or want to comment please do so on the website

However you think about the year to come I sincerely wish that it offers you all that you hope it to be.

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