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Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been a busy time at Gerighty Towers over Christmas with family staying and visiting and us going out to visit others. Thanks to everyone who put themselves out - sharing time and love to make it such a great festive period.

It has at times been difficult work trying to digest the bountiful food and drink. There were some times when my body gave in and only a quick sleep with annoying snoring sound-track and one sided mouth-dribble enabled the job to be finished.

I have become the old man in the corner that I laughed at as a child and tried to balance nuts or pringles on! How did that happen? And when did children stop being cruelly amusing?

I don't know what came first the chicken or the egg or the feeling of being so full for so long at Christmas and then the desire to lose weight and get fitter in the New Year. I do know it is a cycle that repeats on an annual basis. Although I am a sentient being, I do not seem to learn in this case - and this is despite advancing in years and opportunities to do so!

The presents I gave were well received which feels great, and some of the exciting presents that I received offer some rich material to add to the 'greatadventure' that is 2022. You will discover more as they happen and I share them in the posts.

What was your best present - either given or received? Feel free to share or comment explaining why this one topped the list.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and have been surrounded by love and kindness.

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