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Living life one day at a time.

This is a challenge for me. I am a very future orientated person, always looking to plot and plan. It will come as no surprise to you therefore that many of my adventures for the upcoming year are pencilled onto my wall planner and in some cases already booked up.

With the latest announcement on restricted travel perhaps now is the time to try again and be more disciplined about enjoying each day - one at a time.

I have tried to do this consciously today and have really enjoyed it as a result.

I have a list of things that I want to try and/or improve throughout the year and I'll reveal these as the subject of a later blog.

One of these I did today and had a great time.

So, thanks to Woodhouse Gun club for allowing me to join them for their Christmas clay shoot as a guest. I have shot clays before but not often and as an old fart I can see how this past-time could be an interesting new hobby for the future. As my son unkindly put it "That could be a really good idea Dad - a sport that you can do standing still since you can't run anymore!"

He is not wrong about the running. So now that and football are fading memories new things must replace them. Standing still for large periods of time and then wandering from one near place to another was still within my capabilities today, I am relieved to say. As for hitting moving clay targets - well that was a different story. More practice is definitely needed but I am encouraged to do so for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it was exhilarating when I did hit the clays. Secondly, there was enough improvement to suggest that I could get better. Finally and most importantly, the company was excellent and the banter was fierce. I met new people and laughed for three hours while enjoying the challenge and the fresh (read "bloody freezing!") air.

One day. One new adventure. One I have tried and succeeded in savouring.

I wonder how and when I can do it again? (Damn - the planner is back!)

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