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Kayaking in Croatia: Onto the water!

The first day to get on the water. Two trips and lots of learning.

After an early start and breakfast. I was on the water by 8.15. It is the first time I have been in this kayak and I have to say that I am very impressed. it takes only 10 minutes to inflate and is light enough to carry on the shoulder. In the water its tracks try and turns almost as well as my Carolina plastic moulded boat. Accepting up to 10psi in each of its four chambers it fella solid all round and the seat is comfortable too. My only observation for improvement would be that the foot space it tight for my size 9’s and anyone with bigger feet might really struggle. I managed c90 minutes before pins and needles were setting in.

This morning I hugged the coastline into firstly Cavtat main town and then back again into the harbour. I reckon some 4 miles or so but that’s a guess.

There is an Island straight out from the beach and I was keen to do a recce and see if I thought I could circumnavigate it. I reckoned that by heading to Cavtat headland and cutting across that I was okay with the passage.

Sure enough it was and did it on the second outing this afternoon.

It’s a little scary being offshore so far and I would feel a lot happier if there was a second person in case of difficulty but the conditions were ideal and the boat felt secure. I reckon the afternoon trip was more like 5 miles and at times I was out in the middle of the bay.

In conclusion, the day has been a great success with lots learnt and confidence gained. The views out to sea and from the sea to the land are simply stunning and the peace and tranquility in the water is fabulous There is a fair amount of boat traffic and that creates some turbulence that needs to be accounted for but apart from that I feel happy to explore further.

A fabulous start to this adventure!

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