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It’s been a while…

So much has happened that I haven’t included on the blog that I had developed a kind of writer’s block. Apologies to all.

However, it’s time to get back on the job.

So what has happened since I last posted:

1 - A fantastic Norwegian Fjords cruise with Lynn for our first anniversary.

2 - A four day Kayaking trip round the rivers of Eastern England around Cambridge with my sister Cath.

3 - A Motorhome trip mountain biking in the Forest of Dean

4 - A great camping trip to celebrate my son in law Kyle’s 30th birthday.

5 - Waving goodbye to my precious daughter and son in law as they embark on a years travelling.

And starting today …another cycling adventure begins!

I am sat on a train with Steve on our way to Edinburgh and the start of a week long ‘Coasts and Castles’ tour. We set off from Newark and saw our first castle there. We were in the car so it might be a bit if a cheat but I’m counting it anyway. So that’s 1.

You’ll get some more before the day is out!


Here are the pictures of Edinburgh castle and Dunbar castle seen this afternoon. That makes 3!

We have had a great ride after the train journey with more reasonable heat than the last few 30degree days. The scenery was lovely and traffic was reasonably light once we left the Edinburgh city environs.

We are now staying in Dunbar for the night before heading south down the coast tomorrow. The weather is due to break so we might get wet!

A great start to a new adventure!

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