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Is it possible to be frustrated in paradise?

I know it shouldn’t be but I’m feeling thwarted.

I intended to be back on the water today and had a clear plan of where to paddle too. Then in the night the wind came- the locals say that have two winds and this is the bora - from the land , in other words an offshore wind that has raised whitecaps on the sea and can push you out to sea.

Therefore discretion becomes the better part of valour and I have waited all day for the wind to die down- but it hasn’t. Some gusts have been blowing the chairs and umbrellas around the pool. It is still hot enough to lie in the sun but I had a different kind of day in mind.

It was relieved by a decent walk in the late afternoon with Mum for a cool beer and glass of wine.

Dinner was plentiful and tasty and we enjoyed a relaxing end to the day. Spending time with Mum is lovely and very easy. She is a great character with lots of joie de vivre and an easy going temperament.

Is it possible to be frustrated in paradise? Sadly yes, but it wouldn’t be paradise if it couldn’t be overcome… Catch yerself on son. How lucky are you?

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