Is it "I'm stressed - I need a holiday" or "Book a holiday and get STRESSED OUT!"

What have I got to be stressed about? Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

I wasn't at all stressed until I booked a holiday!

Take advantage of your time and availability- I said.

Get some winter sun - I said.

Chill n relax - I said.

PHAT chance until you have gone through the wringer of International travel protocols - and supposedly this is the new simplified process!

I booked on Wednesday and we fly tomorrow morning. In the meantime the Government has changed the requirements for testing to make life easier but the changes seem to have caught the test suppliers on the hop and information and availability has been confusing. Forms for the destination country can only be done 48 hours before hand and the forms for return to the UK is the same so it's all a case of doing it at the last minute today. Overseas Government websites with information requests that you don't know the answers to, importing Covid passports, cross referencing international standards and QR codes. Choosing test suppliers and understanding if a Healgen test is the same as an Antigen test... and more.

It has taken more time than anticipated and has been frustrating at times, the pressure has not been helped with the knowledge that if it is not all done by 5pm today then we will not be flying tomorrow.

Anyway, I hope that all is now done and the cases are packed.

If you have plans to travel allow more time than you think you will need and do your research before you book to ensure that you know the requirements. Remembering that it is all is subject to change at short notice!

Tune in tomorrow for the destination reveal!

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