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Into the wind…

One of my objectives for coming to the Dales was to do some cycling and in particular to do the famous Buttertubs pass between Wensleydale and Swaledale. I have done it before but wanted to maintain some fitness and test myself with the climb.

It has been a well known climb for northern based cyclists for years but was really put onto the map by being included in the 2014 Tour de France stage set in Yorkshire.

I cycled to Hawes for the start of the climb but the wind was coming at me all the way up the Dale and would have been a direct headwind up the pass. It was too much for me and disappointed I turned around and came back to Leyburn. I looked up the wind speed and was suprised to find that it was up to 45kph. No wonder I was struggling!

There aren’t many cycle rides that I don’t enjoy but this one was close. I guess that in itself makes it different and memorable. All part of the great adventure.

A bbq and a bottle of red was a good way to get over any disappointment!

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