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Into the Volcano.

I had a great adventure today!

I hired a Mountain bike and went on a 40 mile loop from Corralejo where we are staying up to the "Red Mountains" Volcano's of Bayuyo. The first one allowed a climb down into almost the base and the second was a decent walk up to the crater's edge and then a very impressive view down to the bottom. It was too steep to enter and climb and perhaps a hundred feet deep.

These volcanoes are "recent", from the last 50,000 years, and they increased the island of Fuerteventura in size by about 120 square kilometres. The volcanic island of Lobos, that sits between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote was formed at the same time in these eruptions and we are going to go and explore there tomorrow.

From the height of the Volcanoes I dropped down into a Lejarras town and then took a sand track to the pretty seaside village of La Cortillo. The scenery was different to the usual lave fields that I had experienced elsewhere with the track being impossible to ride at times such was the depth of fine white sand. It was much more desert like than volcanic. The village itself was centred around a beautiful cove in the cliffs. Elsewhere on the island the sea shore has been very low but on this North-western quarter there were some dramatic cliffs straight into the sea. It reminded me of some of the small Cornish village coves I've been to.

The 25k track back to Corralejo hugged the sea shore and I passed turquoise lagoons and several bays that were being used for surfing. There is a huge surfing community living out of vans and motorhomes all along this coast and I would estimate that I saw perhaps upwards of a thousand vehicles parked up. Some were in clusters and some sat in more solitary spots. Many looked they they had been or were going to be there for a prolonged period. Certainly the access roads are very rocky and they had shown some determination to get that close to the sea. The waves were scarily big offshore, I would guess at 25/30 feet and there were a few brave and talented riders on them. Most were much closer to shore on waves perhaps 6 feet high but they still looked very cool.

Back at the hotel I braved the cold waters and swells of several millimetres to cool off in the pool. I have really enjoyed the day and seeing the variety of landscapes. There is more to this Island than first meets the eye.

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