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If you are going skiing - here's my step by step guide to going to France via Geneva...

My ambition to do the ski-season is on and started yesterday - I am writing this from Morzine looking at the snow before hitting the slopes for the first time. Yeehaaa!

(Without any liability!) Here is my step by step guide to travel from the UK to France via Geneva airport.

Firstly, to exit the UK. If like you me you are fully vacc'd you need 3 things;

1 - A UK passport with more than 6 months remaining to fly into Switzerland

2 - Have your NHS Vacc status downloaded. Don't depend on logging into the App, I saw lots of people panicking in GVA as they weren't logged into WiFi and had no data connection.

3 - Complete the Swiss Entry form ( ). This form can only be completed with 48hours of your arrival into Switzerland. It takes about 10 minutes if you have your passport and boarding pass details at hand.

My flight with EasyJet took more than an hour of queuing to drop my bag so allow plenty of time.

(Oh and your boarding pass!)

The airline checks all of these before allowing you to board the plane.

On arrival in Switzerland all these things are checked again. It takes time and my flight were more than an hour in the arrivals/customs area so allow for this in your onward planning. The Customs guard want to see the QR in the email from the Swiss Govt so make sure that you have this they didn't seem to be accepting downloaded versions.

Then we enter France. In order to do so you need to have evidence of a negative Covid 19 test done within 24 hours of arrival. I have used a company called Prenetics and their test is under £20 and arrived in the expected timescales. (I don't believe that they are despatched more than 5 days before travel even if paid for earlier.)

My test was just like a normal home based lateral flow with an image sent to the firm and an AI automated response received very quickly to my email address.

No-one checked this but I assume that the result was allocated to my passport as they asked for this info. I printed out the result aswell as had it on email confirmation on my phone in case of need.

I assume that you will need to show this before being allowed to enter France though the Swiss border If challenged. In my case the transfer bus was waved through French border control with a "Pah" and a Gallic shrug!.

They other requirement is that it is necessary to print, and complete by dating and signing, a "Sworn Undertaking" and you can find this at ( ) . Be careful to look for the separate section on UK travellers as we are so dangerous that we are not on the French governments Red/Amber/Green list!

To enter pubs and restaurants in France I am told that they accept the NHS QR codes of proof of vacc but I haven't tried this yet. There is also a French app that you can transfer your NHS status to and I have done so but this may prove to be unnecessary.

To leave France and enter the UK we currently need a Passenger Locator Form completed within 48 hours of departure and an antigen test within two days of returning until Feb 11th. I have not booked my tests at this time as I am waiting to see if the rules change over the next couple of weeks.

So there we have it. Not easy to find out all the regulations but quite easy to do each stage.

Bon voyage et bon ski!

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