Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work they go.

I started work on 1st August 1988 and have been up almost every working day since then. But not this morning...

Today was the first working day where I don't have to follow the pattern of the past 331/2 years. It feels very weird to know that the world is going back to work - with respect to all those who have worked over the Christmas and New Year period - and I had a cup of tea in bed.

I hope that all of you that have travelled back to offices or other places of work are enjoying seeing friends and colleagues again. I don't think the work at home vibe is quite the same and if that's you then you are probably not enjoying the email trawl to see what has been happening since you last looked. For all my Teaching colleagues I am sure that most of the students will be excited to be back despite masks and tests. I hope that the day goes well for everyone whatever you do and wherever you are working. There will be lots of tired folk this evening I'm sure.

I have checked my own inbox and it is VERY quiet and therefore needs no attention at all. So, it's time to get the boots on, the sun is shining and although it's cold I'm off for a tramp with the dog. He is starting to look at me suspiciously these days as if to say "Hang on, It's your adventure, you don't need to keep dragging me into it. Leave me alone, I'm ok by the radiator thank you!"

When I'm back I have some research to do this afternoon - more news on this over the next few days.

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