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Dinner or a cultural exchange?

Sometimes only a Roast dinner hits the spot!

Okay I know it’s not Sunday but sometimes you just feel the need to indulge in a real roast dinner. After a day outdoors and not having made the effort to do one before it was a very comforting and enjoyable experience.

We all know the French are very proud of their food and it’s provenance. There are some noticeable differences in the approach to food either side of la manche.

In England food is (mainly!) very reasonably priced, here in France it is noticeably more expensive and you get less of the product. My carrots were significantly smaller than those in England, the chicken was half the size and literally twice the price. Worth it or a rip off?

Definitely worth it!

The carrots had more flavour and the chicken had no water pumped into it to make it swell. It was very tasty and had a more muscular texture. I suspect it had done some running around outside too!

Is one better than the other?

I guess it depends on your budget and your taste.

Spending a little more to up the quality and taste and improving the welfare conditions of the bird seems like a win/win outcome to me.

What do you think?

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