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Days 7,8 and 9

I stayed for several days in Staufen as it was so lovely and did some more cycling. Today the weather is due to turn and it's time to think about getting the kayak afloat.

So, I am leaving shortly and will leave this plateau and climb into the Black Forest towards tonight's stop on Germany's largest lake - Lake Constance.


Well I wasn't expecting to go to a Ski station today but Heidi crawled her way up two mountain passes and at 1560m we arrived at a ski lift. The scenery has been amazing and the drive entertaining with switchback mountain roads.

I am now parked up by Lake Constance and the weather is calm and the water is flat. Across the water I can see Switzerland and the Alps beyond.

Here are some views and a piccie of my dinner - it seems like I should have sausage and potatoes in Germany don't you think? The wine is also local.

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