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Day 7: Back home and happy 😃!

A straightforward last day meaning that I am now at home 🏠.

A 25 mile run into Calais and an earlier than expected ferry (thank you DFDS) and we were soon cycling back in Blighty. The hottest weather of the trip and a steep climb out of Dover then on to Folkestone (pictured above). Two things were immediately apparent. Firstly, why don’t we have decent separated cycle paths. I don’t really want to climb up the hill from the port with the freight lorries and I’m sure that they don’t want to have to wait for me!

Secondly, England is beautiful.

I often go a long way and yet in the right weather, home is glorious too. No wonder so many German, Dutch and French cars were also disembarking. I hope that they have as great a time in the UK as we have had on the continent.

A run from Folkestone to Bedford in Steve’s car and a train from there to Loughborough just left the remaining 5 miles by bike to get home. All went smoothly and now the washing is done and the trip is already a series of special memories.

Great to be back home with Lynn, and to see Katie and Josh and friends again and walk the dog (who is sulking with me!).

Thanks to Steve for the amiable companionship - see you in the summer for the next trip mate!

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