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Day 6: Cycle camping adventure. Ypres to Licques.

Across the border one more time back into France and striking distance of Calais.

A good days riding fuelled by cream cakes and coke at Popinge where we saw these two buildings facing each other over a fountain. I thought one was a Church and the other a mosque looking at its separate tower and geometric patterns. However, both turned out to be churches and why one has the designs it has remains a mystery to me. It was a very tranquil space to enjoy a break though. It also turned out to be twinned with Wolverton in Bucks where Steve works so that was a curious coincidence.

As we get towards the end of this adventure I have started to answer some of the questions that I had at the beginning:

I am fit enough to finish the tour? Yes I am and although tired after the long uphill day to Chimay, I have enjoyed the riding and the mileage of c50 a day has been a good balance of time and effort.

Do I like camping and can I get up and down off the floor still?

Yes I do and I can (just)! However, it is clear that the move I do it the easier it is getting. Do I prefer it to Hotels? Probably not, mainly just because of the weight and bulk of the baggage on the bike. Where there are no hotels and the weather is fine then I’m up for camping.

Would I like to do more cycle touring? Definitely! It has the right balance of speed, ground covered and interaction with nature and people. You see and smell and taste everything and can still move with purpose.

Oh… and cycle camping is very inexpensive and can be done anywhere. So that reduces the limitations of excuses as to why I don’t do something more.

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