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Day 4: Cycle camping adventure. La Quesnoy to Lille.

A misty morning ride until the sun burnt it off and a ride to another city that I have often by-passed but never been to. The northern French city of Lille.

The ride was gentle and meandering and the city is quite stunning. Very grand architecturally with some ornate buildings around in grand place including town hall and market place. It reminded me of the Dutch market squares in some respects with the cloth market and exchange as often the grandest building.

We have booked into a hotel tonight and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bed with a proper pillow! It is fantastically located next to a main church although I was a little taken aback to walk naked out of the shower and be at eye level with Our Lady and baby Jesus from the church opposite! ( I am sure that they were too busy to have noticed me though.)

The day was rounded off with a traditional meal of moules frites with some white wine and was delicious.

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