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Day 2 - Coast and Castles.

Dunbar to Berwick upon Tweed is only 35 miles but we crossed the rubicon in terms of civilisation. We went from spending time with an anti-English angry racist who threatened to knock someone out at lunchtime .And that was only the ‘lady’ cafe owner in Eyemouth talking to one of her customers!

But back to Castles…we left Dunbar castle this morning and then saw the lonely tower remains of Eyemouth castle before going past Ayton Castle (more of a gothic pile than a real castle) and ending at the remains of Berwick castle. So that is No’s 4,5,6 and maintaining an average of 3 a day. Pics to prove below:

The ride was lumpy but offered some treats in terms of wildlife (no not the cafe owner) - we saw Red deer by the sea, a leaping salmon and a seal in the Tweed. We were also warned ‘Caution Red Squirrels’ but thankfully didn’t meet any of those fearsome beasties.

Now .. off to find some grub. Hope that you have enjoyed the post.

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