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Blue Monday? It's just a walk in the park.

Today is widely known as Blue Monday. The day in the year when apparently the nation is at it's most frustrated and unhappy.

I have managed to dodge "the blues" by embracing the natural blues.

They were not hard to find on a day like today. Crisp air, blue sky, blue water and warm sunshine. A balmy (or is it barmy?) 10 degrees in the middle of January. It was cold in the night though as this photo of John Merrick's lake in Watermead park shows. The exposed half of the lake was covered in sheet ice and the water in the sheltered half was still open and free-flowing. The demarcation line was still clearly visible mid-morning.

It is some way away from the 20 degrees of last week's sunshine holiday but the beauty of the English winter was clearly on display. I enjoyed it and Dog seemed to do so too.

I hope that you have managed to enjoy 'Blue Monday' your way and have avoided "the blues".

I wonder what Tuesday might bring?

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