Back to the future…

I am in a place where when I was growing up I went for so many teenage holidays with my family and friends at my Mum and Dads static caravan.

Leyburn in Wensleydale.

Meet Heidi!

She is an old girl at 21 years old, made in Germany and sent to England in 2002 and bought by me 6 years ago. She is a left hooker and has plenty of miles on the clock and shows her age but she is olden and golden! We have had plenty of adventures in the Uk and abroad. We have been to Scotland and Skye, Wales the Gower and St David’s, and plenty of places in France including the Loire and the Champagne region.

Last year we did the Northumberland coast ( which I love and have done since age 6) and this year this is the first trip out. More are planned!

This is a short homage to my teenage years, revisiting and enjoying places I know with the dog and and a mate arriving for 24 hours tomorrow. I have also brought a road bike for doing some exercise.

Heidi doesn’t always look so attractive but after several hours of cleaning and polishing she scrubs up well. I am excited to be travelling and love this area - I have just revisited a pub that may have been my first legal pint… or another illegal one… but it had a 2p fruit machine so that dates things horribly. 😳.

The fact that this sits across the road from The Pheasant at Harmby and doesnt even have a road sign to let you know says it all about this understated part of God’s beautiful world.

The Yorkshire Dales! Magnificent.

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