All good things come to an end.

Skiing season Part One concludes today.

So, my first fortnight skiing ends today and I am off home for a week to see my lovely wife and reconnect with the usual people and things that make up 'normal' life.

My legs are looking forward to a break from the physical activity of skiing and although they are stronger than on arrival I think I am still a little way away from being match fit. I am delighted that my knee surgery in November has allowed me to ski without any repercussions.

I think that I may have improved my technique a little but this is more than compensated for by a reduction in preparedness to take risks.

This is a picture taken at the top of the "Swiss wall", acknowledged to be one of the hardest 5 runs in the world and separates France from Switzerland in Avoriaz. The gradient averages more than 90% and it last for almost a quarter of a mile. I have skied it in the past but have no desire to do it now. People have died looking to prove themselves on this run and any mistake is likely to lead to a very long fall before you stop. We witnessed one such as we stood looking up from the bottom and thankfully the skier was uninjured and probably escaped with a bruised ego and a bruised body. It wasn't confidence inspiring!

We have tackled mostly red runs this week with a careful selection of blacks and some gentle off-pisting yesterday in the fresh powder snow. It has been varied terrain and varyingly challenging. The colour of the run certainly does not always equate to the difficulty, with the weather, snow feel and mogul conditions dictating that more than the gradient.

It has been a great time and I have enjoyed my own company and that of great friends.

A little rest then back for some more.

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