All by my self… Skiing, all by myself!

What a last day! Loads of fresh powder and nobody on the slopes.


Okay, so the visibility is variable, this is a clear part, as the snow is still falling, and higher up there is plenty of real cloud. Nevertheless with a bit of cruising and hunting there are some great runs to be found.

It is also changeover day and that usually means a quieter day on the slopes. I guess as it gets to end of season less people are coming too. If you are thinking of a late break the conditions here are brilliant and prices for accommodation are surely falling so it could be a fab time to get in a cheeky week.

As for me, I’m packed up and just doing the last domestic chores before heading home tomorrow. It has been a fantastic experience to have most of the season here and I’d like to offer a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that allowed it to happen or came on the journey with me. You know who you are! I feel blessed and lucky.

The next adventure beckons and starts before the end of the month! Some training is required before it starts so that will be my focus on my return.

Ski’s back in the locker - It’s time to pump up the tyres!

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