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Achy legs

After the skiing the legs feel heavy but as there are more adventures planned after the ski season, today was the first day this year on the indoor turbo trainer.

I found it hard work and it reminds me how long I was not working my legs before the knee op.

The knee held up well and is another sign of the surgery having been a real success - thank you Mr Harrison!

I chose a flat route along the French beaches of Normandy without leaving my garage. If you haven’t tried these video film or virtual world trading programmes then I highly recommend them to relieve the boredom and engage the brain. I use Tacx by Garmin but a lot of friends use Zwift. They allow training with or competing against others but I just try to get to the end of the ride and if the time is better than before that is good enough for me!

The first cycling adventure starts in late April so stay tuned to find out who, what, where and why.

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