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A new adventure begins: Kayaking in Croatia.

Today marks the start of a new Adventure. Paddling in the Adriatic Sea - a famous sea kayaking destination and one I have longed to try. I haven’t been out in a kayak yet this year but have brought an inflatable kayak (The Itiwit 500 dropstitch from Decathlon) from Leicestershire to Cavtat near Dubrovnik. I have also brought something much more precious with me - my Mum! We have a great relationship, and when I asked her if she fancied a week in Croatia she checked her busy diary and said Yes


So after an early morning flight we have arrived at our Hotel by the sea in Cavtat. A wander around the headlands shows a lovely green rocky shoreline above a tranquil and opaque blue- green sea.

It looks lovely.

We are opposite a sheltered beach, round one headland is a shallow harbour and sailing club with boys playing handball in the water and round the next headland is the main harbour and developed area of Cavtat town with pretty waterfront restaurants and seating areas.

The hotel is large but also not very full so the pool area has plenty of space to relax.

Importantly, I can also launch the kayak from the beach.

I can’t wait to get out on the water tomorrow.

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