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"A good walk spoiled?"

This quote is generally attributed to Mark Twain but a little research shows that it was coined by American writer Harry Leon Wilson in 1904 as his description of a round of Golf. Inevitably in my case, whoever first said, the analysis is accurate.

A lovely bright, cold and crisp winter day. No wind and a pale sunshine. Four friends, one bag, fourteen clubs, several balls and two handicaps. One (un)official and one just my lack of talent.

I have only one requisite for playing golf. Are the other people patient?

They need to be to wait for me! I veer from left to right across the fairway, occasionally using an adjacent one altogether, spend lots of time on the rough looking for elusive lost balls and generally do not conduct myself in an accomplished manner. Anyone that plays to a decent standard and walks in a usually forward direction for most of the game would not enjoy my company.

This afternoon I joined an afternoon regulars group of friends. It has been a long time since I played and it showed. They were patient and encouraging and I enjoyed the game.

It was a "good walk" with controlled frustration - the ever optimistic view that the next hole would always be better than the last and the inevitable disappointment that it rarely was.

I enjoyed the game, the banter and a pint. It does well to remind myself that a bad day on the golf course is still infinitely better than a bad day at work.

I hope that your weekend is full of fun and relaxation.

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