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A Gig-tastic evening

If you can remember this post punk band then you are probably even older than me!

Do you remember when your pop idols were the definition of gorgeous and were slim and athletic?

When your pop idols have bald heads and look like they have enjoyed too many lock-down pies it’s another sign of getting older!

So, today is a reflection of another good night out with ‘the gig-meisters’ group of mates and a celebration of ‘experience’ over youth. Today we have a context and comparisons to bring to bear on our sometimes angry youth. There was much to be angry about in the late 70’s and early 80’s - lack of opportunities and jobs and a sense of hopelessness that was pervasive and divisive depending on your position in the pecking order.

If you were living in Northern Ireland during ’the troubles’ there were extra layers of hardship.

Bands like SLF and The Undertones and later U2 gave a voice to some of the views of the time…and are still worth listening to as a reminder of a previous time and a reflection of today.

The messages are universal and sadly it seems timeless. There is still so much to be angry about and the sense of frustration, though dulled with years of experience, is still present.

Just think of the current news - I’m remembering all those who are suffering under war, oppression and injustice and saying a prayer today.

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