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A day in Dubrovnik, and a chat with an F.A. Cup legend.

I know that ‘I know nothing’ and I suspect that ‘Winter is coming’ but I do know that Game of Thrones was set partly in Dubrovnik and maybe that explains why it felt familiar. At first it was the view of the city from the sea that I have seen so often on Tv travel shows and then much of the interior of the city also seemed like I had seen it before. I found and did the ‘walk of shame’ steps (fully clothed obviously).

It takes about an hour by water taxi from Cavtat and Mum and I both enjoyed the excursion and the visit. It is sobering to approach the city from the sea and see how impregnable it looks. When you remember it was shelled in the war of ‘91 with artillery from above the old town you realise that everywhere is vulnerable and can’t help but think about Ukraine. The same old mistakes and flaws of men come back again and again.

On a lighter note, back in Cavtat having a late lunch I recognised a Teesside accent and got chatting to a guy who went to the same 6th Form as me and who scored a very famous F.A. Cup goal. The header for Coventry City against Spurs in 1987. Yep, you got it - Keith Houchen. A great goal and a really nice fella to meet with his mate Mick and their wives.

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