A chilled out Sunday.

And on the seventh day God rested.

And so did we.

Now, I'm obviously NOT claiming to be anything like God or that I have created a world and all its many inhabitants in a week. But we do have one thing in common... on at least one Sunday we both rested.

We have laid in the sun, dipped in and out of the pool, eaten lovely food and supplemented it with drinks of our choice. It has been glorious!

I took a short walk out of the Hotel this morning to get some bearings and look to facilitate some things later in the week but in the main it has been about resting - building another layer on the lardy arse and bronzing myself like a Christmas turkey in the oven.

When I say "bronzing" I do of course mean the that I am now that off-putting, ridiculous pink colour that all British men in the sun go before developing either;

a) - a fierce lobster red and shedding our skin like an Indian python on day 3 of every holiday

(statistically shown in a recent IPSOS/Mori poll to be 96.76% of all British men)


b) - a deeply attractive tanned brown (the few lucky other ones that don't include me!).

I hope that you have enjoyed a restful and relaxed Sunday too.

Giving a shout out to my Sunday night village mates - "Enjoy the beers in the Oak and see you soon."

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