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A BIG decision has been taken...

I have resigned my job and decided to have a gap year.

No big deal perhaps when you are 18 and still live at home or have just finished your degree and have decided not to get a "real job" yet and are fit young and healthy.

It's a bit different when you are a 55 year old bloke with arthritis and a new wife. One of these is not getting any better and the other is thankfully very understanding! I am going to do some things in 2022 that I have promised to do for many years. These include some travel, some experiences, some activities and trying to learn some new skills.

"Do it now before I can't do it at all" is the ethos I am adopting.

So, what's the plan?

I'm not going to reveal everything at all at once but I do have some specific thoughts about how I'd like to spend my time. Money, Covid and circumstances permitting.

Most people of my age talk about the life that they would like to lead and this is usually not the one that they are living. I am no different.

This blog seeks some personal answers to the following BIG questions:

- how will I cope with the transformation of daily existence?

- What will I learn along the way to make me a wiser man?

- How will this year shape the remainder of my life?

If you have ever thought about, or have made, a big later life change then perhaps we can learn from each other. I'll share my experiences and feelings as I go and would be keen to hear from you about your choices and their consequences.

Roll on 2022!

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